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Most damaged wooden structures can be repaired with minimal disturbance - these include joists, lintels, tie-beams, rafters, bressumers, wall plates, posts, wind turbine blades, flag poles, glulam beams. For more information about Property Repair Systems Structural Timber Resin Repairs see references.

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Timber Resin Splice unit (TRS) on the scaffold, ready to fit.

Timber Resin Splice in the foreground, slotted parent behind. Finished job ready for sanding.

How to repair Structural timbers

Timber-Resin Splice (TRS) family of repair Kits - easy to fit, minimum loss of good wood and minimal damage to the building.


'TRS' is a Registered Trade Mark belonging to Property Repair Systems

Site Index

Timber-Resin Splice - fit new beam end or mid-sections without disturbing the building - complete made to measure Kits

Bressumer Beams - how to survey and repair spanning beams and lintols

Tie Beams - how to survey and repair Tie Beams of roof trusses

Rafters - how to survey and repair Rafters, principal and common

Carrier Beams - how to survey and repair Carrier Beams supporting floors

Joists - repair from above or below, with and without floors or ceilings in place

Glulam Beams - new made to measure beams and repair parts to replace rotted sections or complete pieces of any length

Photo Gallery - Site photos of Timber Resin Splices

Rotted ends in the wall or mid-sections, in beams, rafters,joists & plates - Timber-Resin Splice - Patented TRS method

Holes and voids - filling and longitudinal dowel fixing - strength upgrade method, modified flitch technique

Splits along the grain - filling, cross grain dowel fixing, crack injection, shakes and splits repair method

Bowed, sagging or cracked through beams - beam strength upgrading, strength upgrade method

Rotted ends in the wall, but very restricted access - poured epoxy resin, shutter box methods

Rot in frames & posts - filling and dowel fixing, timber frame repair methods

Need to prove the strength of a repair - our same day Free Design & Calculation service

Structural Engineers - we can provide independent Structural Engineers Indemnified Calculations

Need to prove the strength of a part of the building - our Independent Structural Engineers can help

Want to use a Specialist Contractor for a repair - call us for our Independent Contractor list

Production Timber Resin-Splice Photographs - see some of our range of timber beam repair components

Durability of Timber Resin Splices - why we have a 20 year record of durable repairs


Shops Index

Timber Repair Shop - repair materials for joists and beams

Joist Repair Shop - repair plates and splices for joists

Resins Shop - epoxies, polyesters and polyurethanes for building repairs



    • Information Request Form - for a Timber Resin Splice Quotation, or call 01626 872886 and we'll complete the Form for you




    • Dry and Wet Rot Help - what type of rot do you have? How do you treat the rot and prevent future rot?


    You can repair and save joists, lintols, carrier beams, flitch beams, tie beams, rafters, 'A' frames, trusses, ridge boards, wall plates, timber frames, posts, door frames and window frames

Technical Help

Property Repair Systems expert staff can help you with all kinds of timber repairs and are more than happy to give further information and advice.

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