Solid Resin Repairs

Structural repair of wood using solid epoxy resin

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What are Solid Epoxy Resin Repairs

The damaged part of the timber end, or centre section, is replaced by a poured Structural Epoxy Resin, inside which a number of carefully specified rods called 'shear connectors', made of either steel or epoxy/glass, are embedded. The pour is contained in a 'shutter' box, which can be waxed for subsequent removal or can be a permanent part of the repair.

Solid Resin Repair Methods

TYPE A - the waxed wooden or plastic shutter box is removed after the resin has set hard. The waxing prevents the resin from bonding with the wooden or plastic box.

Wooden box waxed holds the resin

Pouring Structural Epoxy Resin into a waxed shutter box.

Plastic shutter box on a post

Waxed plastic shutter ready for injection of Structural Epoxy Resin

TYPE B - the shutter boards, or the shell of the original beam, form a permanent part of the repair and may be decorative

Pouring Structural Epoxy Resin into a dug out beam which forms the shutter boxDugout beam before resin pouring

Dug out beam being used as a permanent shutter box.

Shutter box built in to a new Oak Lintol

Shutter box as part of a new piece of Oak.

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