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How to obtain indemnified calculations for timber beam repairs

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Structural Calculations for timber beam repairs and strength upgrades

Historically, the majority of repairs to structural timbers have been carried out using traditional methods involving either the use of steel plates and bolts (Flitch Plates) or a variety of timber scarf joints.

Although many of these traditional repairs have been subject to engineering calculation and design, it has to be assumed that the majority of repairs have been based on experience and good judgment.

A major reason for this assumption is that very few Contractors in the Building Conservation Industry have their own in-house qualified Structural Engineers.

For the same reason most structural repairs involving a resin component will not have been subject to qualified engineering design.

The effects of legislation and a greater awareness of contractual responsibilities are leading to increased levels of engineering involvement in the building conservation industry.

Regardless of the repair method adopted there will often be a legal requirement to provide Structural Calculations.

In the case of upgrading a structure, (e.g. Increasing the floor loading from domestic to commercial capacity), Structural Calculations will always be required, hence a Structural Engineer will be involved from the outset.


Most popular Timber Resin Splices and Resin Repairs

Type C - top slot end replacement

Type D - side slot end replacement

Strength Upgrade - carrier beam

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Obtaining Fully Insured Structural Calculations

There are three ways in which we provide Designs to contractors, clients or Engineers;

1. Our own free of charge Design, produced from the beam information supplied by telephone, fax or E Mail. This is an ideal starting point for a costing, to avoid expensive Design confirmation before the feasibility has been assessed by comparing the costs with other repair proposals.

2. Our internal Engineering Check Calculation, using the Straight Line Theory of Elasticity, which can be passed to the Client's Qualified Structural Engineer for indemnification.

3. Use of our external Independent Qualified Structural Engineers, who will provide an Indemnified Calculation and provide any adjustments to our Design for final costing.

Information required from the Survey to enable us to prepare a free Design

Access for Repair - usually from the outside or top, but may be considered from the inside or from beneath (hardest physically for the Technician).

Note - check the two neighboring properties for similar decay. Compression during rotting often causes cracking to external render. Look for similar cracks around windows - lintols may also be decayed.

Size - width, depth, length, bearing support length

Number - one, two or three - may vary in size

Timber type - softwood (Pine) or hardwood (Oak), not known

Decay type - wet rot, insect attack (CFB, DWB or Longhorn), Dry rot

Amount to cut off - drill test holes if possible, or tap with a hammer

Final appearance required - visible but painted, decorative natural finish, hidden

Handed - a sketch is useful, with dimensions

Repair Options for Timber Beam Calculations
Don't worry about choosing a repair Type at this stage - we can discuss these options with you when we have details of the damaged beams.

Repair Types - solid resin or Timber Resin Splice (TRS)

Most popular access Types - top slot, side slot, bottom slot

TRS Types - Top Slot = Type C, Side Slot = Type D, Bottom Slot = Inverted Type C

Special situation - multiple Bressumers - if repaired entirely from the front or the rear face extra timber has to be removed from the outer timber to give access to the slot cutting face in the inner parent timber.

Costs for Structural Calculations for Repairing Beams

Free of charge - our Design and a Check Calculation - not Insurance Indemnified - we are not Structural Engineers - same day service

Chargeable - independent Structural Engineer - ask for one of our Forms - Indemnified by a Qualified Structural Engineer - allow at least 5 working days likely to be £300 plus VAT per beam repair, with a reduction for multiple same sized beams.

Structural Data Collection Form - click here for the Form used when we submit your Beam Repair to a Structural engineer.

Technical Help for repairing Bressumer Beams

Property Repair Systems expert staff can help you with all kinds of timber repairs and are more than happy to give further information and advice.

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