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In most instances the repair can be carried out in situ. Traditionally large Victorian box sash windows often have to be removed for a repair which is carried out in a workshop using traditional carpentry techniques. It will be seen from the following that the correct use of modern epoxies may obviate the necessity for their expensive removal.

First evaluate the damage and decide upon the method of repair, which may be one or a combination of the following principal types:-

1. Removal of the component or section and replacement with timber using our Thixotropic Epoxy Laminating Resin to make a shrink proof, weather proof repair joint.

2. Partial removal of the component; replacement with a timber using a our gap filling Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive at the interface between the new timber and the irregular shape of the existing section.

3. Filling and reshaping of a decay removal area with our woodworking tool workable and our Mouldable Epoxy Putty - you can rasp, sand, drill and colour this Epoxy Putty to resemble wood.

Joinery Repair Method

  1. Survey the frame in order to decide upon the principal method(s) of repair.
  2. Remove damaged sections and replace with timber, with or without Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive. On large section replacements use our Epoxy/Glass 5mm diameter rods to join the parts together.
  3. It is essential that all decay is removed back to sound wood, otherwise the effect of the repair may be nullified.
  4. Consolidate any loose or friable (not decayed) timber fibres with our Epoxy Primer/Consolidation Resin.
  5. Mix and place Epoxy Mouldable Putty and finish to a profile which allows for final finishing, shaping and sanding. This is essential where the original timber formed part of a molding.
  6. Use our Timber Rebuild surfacing resin to finish to a smooth surface. Shape and sand back to original profile.
  7. Use our boron preservation products to protect the finished job - Boron Rods and Boron Paste.
  8. Install a weather protection system by either patch reinstating the original paint or treating the total unit with a new surface coating system.

    Case Study - Reconstruction of Sole Plate

No joinery repair is too large or too small for us to look at - send us your photos

Joinery Repair examples

Kathy Moore holding baby TRSCupola timber repair to the structural legs - a wet rot problemSherbourne School Rafters - filling splits and cracksDecorative arch in a church building repaired using Structural Epoxy Resin

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We have many Customer Site photos from over 23 years of experience with joinery repair in buildings.

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