Crack repair method

How to make repair cracks in timber beams

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Repair Methods

Cracks, shakes and fissures 5mm wide and below require injection rather than filling (for the filling of wider cracks see Filling & Dowel Fixing). The injection method uses an epoxy adhesive and may be supplemented with Epoxy Glass Rods, often called 'Dowels', if the defect extends more than 30% through the timber. Consult a Structural Engineer before proceeding.

Drawing of a crack in a piece of timber

Clean out cracks with a saw blade and vacuum clean.

Drawing showing timber injectors in place ready for injection

Fit hammer-in plastic injectors to 10mm diameter holes. These have

one-way valves inside to prevent resin backflow.

Timber Injector fitted with a one-way valve

Inject Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin, slow set version, using a Syringe.

Crack in timber after injection.

Once the resin has set the injector head can be cut off, or drilled out and filled.

Injecting resin through a Timber Injjector using a sysringe

Syringe in use for resin injection via an Injector

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