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Timber-Resin Splice (TRS) production photos

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Timber-Resin Splice Kits are made by Property Repair Systems

Our Workshop cuts, thicknesses, laminates and shapes timbers to suit the original.

Glulam examples of Timber-Resin Repair pieces:

Glulam repair piece with slots for connection bars and resin Larger TRS Units awaiting shipping

Large Glulam repair piece with connection slots. Glulam pieces with connection bars fitted.

Shaped examples of timber repair components:

Laminated post for a roofLaminated corbels

Special laminated Post for a roof frame repair. Corbels for a Church arch repair - these support the arch feet.

Station platform rood raftersCorner post repair piece for large window frame

Curved and chamfered roof rafters for a Railway Station Platform. Corner Post repair piece for a large window frame repair.

Different timbers can be specified for Timber-Resin Splices:


Air dried Oak TRS units with bars fittedSouthern Yellow Pine TRS with slots for bars

Air Dried Oak - note the weathered surface splits, cracks and insect holes - total moisture content about 16%. Kiln Dried Southern Yellow Pine female TRS - Type E or Type G Top Slot - showing slots for connector bars.


Douglas Fir TRS unit with bars fitted

Kiln Dried Douglas Fir Timber-Resin Splice with bars fitted. Note the red/brown colour.

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