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Case Studies for the structural repair of wood using the TRS

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Introduction to the Timber-Resin Splice (TRS)

What is it? It is a simple way to attach a new piece of timber to an old one, whether to an end or mid span.
Why bother? Because in many cases removing complete timbers or carrying out traditional splices requires considerable opening up and Clients may not wish to disturb the ceiling, floor or partition. In some cases replacement may be impossible by traditional means without scaffolding or roof removal: for example, a TRS may allow the low disturbance (and therefore cheaper) repair of shop front beams, roof purlins, tie beams and beams shared between properties.

Timber-resin splice repair to a truss tie beam

Timber-Resin Splice repair to a Tie Beam in a large Truss A Frame

Standard Range of fitting types - A to H

A new, Boron pre-treated softwood piece, with the 'shear connectors' factory fitted, is attached to the end of the damaged piece via slots, which are filled with the Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin. This is a fast and economical repair suited to accessible timbers, particularly joists and tie beams.

Standard Softwood TRS units ready for despatch from our Factory

Standard softwood TRS units ready to dispatch from our factory.

Special TRS Units

You can select from these TRS options or add your own:

1. Hardwoods - Oak or Elm

Oal two part curved TRS

Oak two part curved TRS to replace a Bressumer.


2. Higher Grade Softwoods - Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine

Douglas Fir part for a multi part arch repair

Part of an arch in Douglas Fir


3. Add curves, chamfers and other connections

Curved TRS Post Rafter part with chamfers

Curved and chamfered arch post repair TRS.

4. Glulams to match original lamination widths

Large Glulam repair TRS with connection slots

Large Glulam repair TRS with connection slots.

5. Double ended units for mid span repairs

Double ended female TRS to fit into a lintol

Mid section repair piece for a Lintol

6. Corbels and unusual shapes

Strange post TRS to fit into a ChurchCorbels made in wood to replace rotted parts in a Church

Unusual component for a Church Hall. Corbels also for Church use, supporting arches of trusses.

Timber-Resin Splice Repair Steps A to H

This range takes the concept of fitting a replacement timber piece to new levels of practicality. Every conceivable option is provided: top slotted, side slotted, hardwood skinned, solid hardwood, laminated in-situ, even reclaimed and antique timber based!

Type C - Top Slots in Parent Timber - Repair Steps - Case Study

Type C45 - Top Slots in Parent Timber, TRS has a 45 degree joint face - Case Study

Type D - Side Slots in Parent Timber - Repair Steps - Case Study

Type E - Top Slots in TRS Unit - Repair Steps - Case Study

Type F - Side Slots in TRS Unit - Repair Steps - Case Study

Type G - Top Slots in both Parent Timber and TRS - Repair Steps - Case Study

Type H - Side Slots in both Parent Timber and TRS - Repair Steps - Case Study

For further photos of TRS units have a look at the Photo Gallery.

How to Treat and Repair Timber - www.timber-repair.co.uk

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