Case Study - Type C [Bressumer]


SITE - Torquay Road, Paignton

TRS TYPE - Type C inverted

SIZE - 280mm x 75mm x 500mm

MADE IN - Softwood

COMMENTS - a ground floor terraced flat with no access possible to the flats abutting or above. The bressumer spanned the bay windows of the two abutting flats and had been attacked by Dry rot due to localised failure of the Flat Roof above.

Exe Terminators carried out the Dry rot eradication works and persuaded the Structural Engineer, James Halldron, to accept a triple TRS as a method of repairing the composite bressumer. This method did not disturb the existing roof covering nor intrude into the flat next door, although naturally opening up and treatment was recommended to establish the full extent of the Dry rot.

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