Case Study - Type C 45° [First Floor Joists]


SITE - Dartmoor, Cornwall

TRS TYPE - Type C 45° face

SIZE - 8" x 2"

MADE IN - Softwood

COMMENTS - this building is a working farm family home and sits in a highly exposed situation in Dartmoor, subject to wind driven rain and extreme temperature variations.

The front elevation render had cracked allowing rainwater to penetrate the stone & cob structure, causing wet rot to the embedded joist ends. Because of the type of large stones used in the wall and the tightness of the sockets it would have been impossible to fit a normal square cut TRS.

The 45 degree face angle allowed the repair ends to slide into the original sockets, without the necessity to damage the ceiling. This saved huge disruption to the use of the ground floor, as well as preserving the cornices and covings. TRS units have no 'take up' slack when de-propped (unlike some types of nail or bolt-on repairs) so the ceilings required no attention or redecoration.

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