Case Study - Type G [Roof Tie Beam]

COMPANY LOCATION - Plymouth, Devon

SITE - ex-Naval Hospital, The Millfield


SIZE - 240mm x 300mm 1200mm

MADE IN - Softwood

COMMENTS - Now converted into a private residence, this building and its adjoining partner were occupied by the Naval Chaplain. The building stands within the grounds of the old hospital; the other hospital buildings have also been converted and sold privately.

Terminix Preservation of Saltash carried out extensive Dry rot irrigation and Damp-proofing works and chose the TRS as the preferred method of repairing the ends of 5 of the main roof tie beams. These had been attacked after penetrating dampness from defective parapet guttering had soaked them over many years. The beams were cut off and replaced without further damage to the ornate ceilings.

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